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90 Via Trevano
Lugano, TI, 6900



Warriors Max Yasgur 8.3

sold out

Warriors Max Yasgur 8.3

79.00 99.00

Our factory takes the time to press all the boards one by one!
This guarantees that every single deck has the same quality as other.
Our factory quality control guarantees the highest product reliability.
The products are inspected at each step of the production

As the most advanced skateboard factory in the world, it guarantees
the highest quality that only the latest technology can offer. 
Special designed CNC robots are used for a perfect shaping, varnishing and finish.

Warriors wood comes exclusively from areas under a forest conservation law
aiming to save and regenerate the biodiversity of nature.
All waste materials are 100% recycled.

Warriors decks are used, endured, destroyed and approved
by the Warriors Skateboards team and family.


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